Ilona, Sandra, Kestutis & Audrius

When I was still very young,
my father gave me a gift.

We got into the car, but he didn’t tell me where he was taking me. Once there, I got out of the car and suddenly a whirlwind of emotions hit me, triggered by the unexpected wonder before me. A multi-coloured show of incredible shapes, so stunning that my eyes felt crazy, eager to capture every detail.

Can you imagine the amazement of a child who has not yet seen anything of the world? Now triple it!

My father told me that that was our land. He also told me that I would have learned to love it over time. But there was no need. Because I had already fallen in love with it!

Love your land and it will love you.

My father always told me that.

For a lifetime, together with my mother, he worked and loved this land, growing all kinds of things.

Twenty years ago, he made a bet: carrots. It was a resounding, unexpected success! Since then orange became my father’s passion and obsession, so much so that today we still cultivate carrots more than anything else.

No one has ever managed to discover the reason behind that choice. And even today, if you try to ask him, the only answer you will get will be ‘Because carrots have character! Like me!’ But what do you expect after all? It is the answer of a passionate man.

My parents have always had that passion. A desire for nature. To experience it, to take care of it. To create it, even.

Growing up, I made that desire my own, expanding it. I dream of a modern company, in harmony with the nature that my parents taught me to love. It is the project of a living nature, which grows together with us and our company. Because who said that modernity must necessarily be the enemy of nature?

It is our challenge for the future. A challenge we want to win because we have responsibilities: to those who buy our products of course, but also to our land. The land we experience every day with happiness.

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