Work t-shirts

Take advantage of the wide variety of work and leisure t-shirts available in the Dike clothing catalogue.

Wear a Dike t-shirt without ever having to forego either quality or comfort, both of which should always be key features in work clothing, with lightweight t-shirts that are soft on the skin and available in a wide range of colours.

Dike work T-shirts: fabric innovation

You can find men and women’s t-shirts in the Dike catalogue made from the innovative Primato 37.5® fabric, technology that helps to keep the body cool or warm depending on the degree of moisture in contact with the skin. This special fabric lets you work in total comfort, ensuring the ideal temperature and degree of moisture throughout the working day.

High performance and comfort

The active particles ensure that Dike t-shirts maintain excellent performance and high levels of comfort. The technology wicks away the vapour formed in liquid sweat as well as trapping odours that are then eliminated when washed, thus ensuring that your skin is always fresh and dry.

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