Frederic, Florent, Ludovic & Lucas

When passion becomes profession, in search of a sensation..

You are on the highest point of a snowy mountain. You look down and the only thing you see is an infinite white blanket that envelops everything. A vertiginous slope. The dominant colour is white. You even struggle to distinguish the boundary between that clear sky and the expanse below. That environment seems so calm – it seems impossible that it could cause such a storm within you. The immensity of nature elicits respect, fear. It mixes with excitement.

You are about to take the plunge, but something inside you screams against it. You take a last mouthful of icy air that remains suspended in your throat for a second. Suspended just like you, who until the very last moment are risking being overwhelmed by fear and giving up. For a fraction of a second your courage prevails. It is just an instant, but it is enough for you to go for it. Only then does that feeling arrive: you are still screaming inside you, but not out of fear. Out of excitement. Out of speed. You are in free fall between the snow and the wind

We know that feeling. For us, everything starts from it. From the desire to be able to offer it. To everyone. Everywhere. It was 1999. Our company – Glisshop – was born just 3 years earlier and the web was taking its first unsteady steps. But Frederic Morel, our founder, knew how to look into the future. He had a vision: a dream in which old and new intertwine. A virtual shop able to offer the advantages of a physical one!

A utopia at the time. Yet today it is reality. We are an e-commerce and we offer a nearly infinite selection among the best winter sports brands. Skis, snowboards, clothing, and accessories of the best quality. But we also offer the services of a physical store. So much so that entering our website will be like having crossed an imaginary doorstep! With experts capable of guiding customers in their choice. Of customizing each product. Even of testing them on the slope, shipping everything on time and ready to use. Because skiers need only worry about skiing. The task of making it possible is on us.

Today, 20 years after putting into practice that crazy, risky, revolutionary idea, we are leaders in winter sports e-commerce in Europe, and a new challenge arises in front of us: replicating our e-commerce model in Monsieurgolf, offering golfers from all over Europe the opportunity to pursue their passion. The same passion we share.

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