Andreas, Josel, Jonas, Florian & Friedrich

Engineers of moments.
Engineers of emotions.

A moment. There is a moment, when you dominate that boundless expanse of water while darting through the waves, during which nothing else exists. An emotion. The speed. The sound of water broken by the side of your boat. The wind that resonates in your ears and quickly blows past you. A moment so intense, you wish it would last forever. A moment during which nothing else exists.

It was the post-war period, after World War I, and a young Austrian named Engelbert Frauscher carried all of this in his heart, a feeling impossible to contain.

The emotion of that moment, which was oxygen for him, was life itself. That impalpable yet damn real sensation that only a boat flowing through water could give him. It was irrepressible. He had to express it. Even at the cost of building it.

So he did; in 1927 he founded what was then only a small boatyard in Vienna.

With passion as fuel, Frauscher grew quickly. Creating fun and having fun, innovating and experimenting with new ways of interpreting and experiencing the sea and boats: sailboats, motorboats, even electric ones!

Ideas. That’s what they were. Wonderful ideas. So unique, innovative, and unknown, that they seemed to come directly from a distant and exciting future! Engelbert and his team – his family – turned them into reality.

Today his company still exists, handed down from generation to generation. The success, technological progress, and the passing of generations have changed it, but the spark that originally animated it remains unchanged. That mix of passion and curiosity that more than 70 years ago led to the experimentation with the first boats with electric motor, today continues to fuel the professionals and artisans who work there every day. So, every year in its boatyards new ideas take shape: innovative, eco-friendly, amazing, making Frauscher a pioneer of technology and eco-sustainability.

But most importantly, today like yesterday, Frauscher is dedicated to the same job of the past: engineering emotions.

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