Shoes Technologies

We like the idea of giving you the best,
while you give the best of yourself.


Special anti-abrasion rinforcements positioned on the heel; guaranteeing maximum comfort whilst walking.


High performing lining, made of a special open-pore material,
which eliminates “stale air and humidity” whilst in use. Feet are kept fresh and dry.


Highly resistant, ultra light cap cast in aluminum.


Special high-density, anti-perforation insole. Made of an innovative material and stitched onto the uppers guarantees the highest possible protection. Represents the state-of-the-art in terms of resistance and flexibility.


(Dike Flexible Rib)
Special hand-painted rib to add maximum flexibility.


Special insole cast into the inside of the sole so as to guarantee the right bending point, and the maximum stability over every area of the foot. This makes for the correct posture whilst walking.


High performing lining, made of a special open-pore material, which eliminates “stale air and humidity” whilst in use. Feet are kept fresh and dry.


(Dike Stability Control)
The exclusive nylon reinforcement placed on the heel to
guarantee maximum stability in all conditions.


(Dike Easy Clean)
Hand-painted ports so that mud and water can drain quickly.

Workwear Technologies

Every story has a unique beginning; our origins are our distinguishing feature.

Made in Italy

All garments Dike are entirely manufactured in Italy.

Dike Cotton

Is the cotton we have chosen for our products – it is a live fibre that breathes, adapts and reacts to external factors, just like your skin and like your skin, it is highly breathable, facilitating heat exchange between your body and the surrounding air, guaranteeing adequate protection from both heat and cold.

Garment Dyed

It is a special process that makes each piece unique.
Differences in tone, shades and nuances are among its characteristics.

(Dike Comfort Stretch)

SA special treatment of fibres which brings freedom of movement and high comfort.


Comfortable stocking stitch knit fabric. Made on knitting machines, it is soft and stretchy both widthwise and lengthwise. For natural comfort.


Soft and cool fabric with raised cords, made on knitting machines.

Herringbone woven fabric

A traditional fabric with a herringbone effect.

Knit Fabric

Special fabric made on knitting machines which is extremely strong on the outside and soft on the inside.

Soft sheel

Soft and lightweight three-layered fabric which brings warmth and insulation from the cold without adding weight. It enables sweat to evaporate quickly and helps you stay warm and dry, even during intense effort. It is water resistant, protects from snow and rain, and dries quickly.

Laminated poplin

WSB (Weather Shield Breathable) fabric in anti-rip polyester with a special breathable and water repelling membrane. It protects from bad weather keeping the body fresh and dry even after many hours of work.

DWS (DIKE Water Shield)

inspired by the outdoors, is the exclusive laminated sandwich technology with three layers of highly waterproof polyester.
DWS is designed to provide an effective barrier against water AND WIND while guaranteeing excellent breathability. All seams are heat sealed and taped for uncompromising waterproofing.
Particular attention has been paid to comfort. The special internal netting allows the piece to slide onto the body.