Philippe Bégué

Bégué Philippe
Bégué Bois

Passion grows stronger and more enduring when it is shared.

With techniques that are centuries old, and technologies born in recent years: this is how we honour wood.

In this way we can work on the restoration of precious historical buildings, but also build contemporary structures in line with modern trends in green architecture. Our family business was created in the sixties, and traditional carpentry methods are considerably older. How have they reached the modern times?
It seems to be a contradiction in terms, but trades like ours are only alive and relevant thanks to innovation, training and the awareness of the younger generation. French craftsmen understood this over seven centuries ago, when they created large networks of craftsmen and small businessmen such as the Compagnons du Devoir. These were able to bring together different categories which shared certain similarities. Experts in their field, with common knowledge with the others: together they learned new things and raised the level of professional training to wider horizons. Their union was based on an exchange of skills, and the desire to impart their knowledge to new willing pupils, the professionals of the future. Thanks to their ability to preserve and develop traditions, renewing them with innovative inputs, the Compagnons du Devoir have been included in UNESCO’s 2010 list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Proud to belong to an association that protects the past carrying it to the future, we continue to work hard. With our experience, and the solidarity and the energy that young people infuse in us with their enthusiasm and their desire to learn. Because we are stronger together, and there are things that grow when you share them. Knowledge is one of these.

Anna Maschio - Lady D

Anna Maschio

Anna Maschio / Distilleria Bonaventura Maschio
Passion is passed down through the generations. And everybody experiences it in their own way.

Martin Heuberger - Cyclon

Martin Heuberger

Martin Heuberger / Pool4Art
Passion means turning problems into opportunities, until we reach excellence.

Dario Dalla Costa - Jumper

Dario Dalla Costa

Dario Dalla Costa / Dalla Costa Impianti
Passion helps you see what you have always loved with fresh eyes.

Mauro Monaco - Summit

Mauro Monaco

Mauro Monaco Simona Tribuiani / Olio Monaco
Passion creates roads you never would have thought to travel.

Mike Van den Berg - Raving

Mike Van den Berg

Mike Van den Berg / Van Vliet
Passion is doing something good around you.

Mariano Bassan, Stefano Scarin - Brave

Mariano Bassan, Stefano Scarin

Mariano Bassan, Stefano Scarin
Passion is growing together, overcoming challenges that seemed insurmountable.

Philippe Bégué - Glider

Philippe Bégué

Philippe Bégué / Bégué Philippe Bégué Bois
Passion grows stronger and more enduring when it is shared.

Gyovanny Tymys - Agility

Gyovanny Tymys

Gyovanny Tymys / RMT Expo
It takes passion to make beauty. One step at at time.

Marco, Andrea, Lele, Roberto - Digger

Marco, Andrea, Lele, Roberto

Marco, Andrea, Lele, Roberto / Fondazione Berengo
Passion brings together work, technique and history. Shaping art without time.