Mauro Monaco
Simona Tribuiani

Olio Monaco

Passion creates roads you never would have thought to travel.

Sometimes the best things happen by chance: all you need to do is to be true to your soul and to do what makes you feel alive.

As my father did, when he bought this farm, hoping to rest and enjoy the peacefulness of the countryside on his days off from his job as a vet. It is from him that I learned to love the land and discovered the satisfaction of harvesting its fruit. It was such a powerful and beautiful emotion that it led me to try to select and produce organic olive oil when nobody was talking about it yet. And even if I had a job elsewhere, I used every spare moment to immerse myself in this world of nature, aromas, flavours and toil. Then, by chance once again, a journalist came to our farm and asked to taste our oil. It seemed like any other day. Yet we ended up in the Gambero Rosso guide, and then listed among the top best olive oils in Italy. This award encouraged us to diversify: DOP, single variety oil, blends of extra virgin oil and flavoured oil. Excellent quality products, sold throughout the world. Obviously our success is gratifying, but people who work on the land aim for a different kind of satisfaction: attention to detail, the beauty of the hills and the olive groves, the certainty of having done the best job at the right time. Every season tells its own story, and you have to follow its rhythm. There is a special season for us: autumn, when we harvest the olives. There are only six of us, and we pick up to 1,5 tons a day. It doesn’t matter if its October, if it often rains and it’s perpetually damp. You have to stay outside, from morning to evening. Because in order to make excellent oil, you need healthy olives that were picked at the right time. The true rewards of our work arise from precisely that moment. Every time you realise that it isn’t just a job, it is a journey through emotions and images. Like the view of our olive grove when it turns into a sea of silver at dusk. And despite the penetrating damp, you think there is nowhere else you would rather be.

Anna Maschio - Lady D

Anna Maschio

Anna Maschio / Distilleria Bonaventura Maschio
Passion is passed down through the generations. And everybody experiences it in their own way.

Martin Heuberger - Cyclon

Martin Heuberger

Martin Heuberger / Pool4Art
Passion means turning problems into opportunities, until we reach excellence.

Dario Dalla Costa - Jumper

Dario Dalla Costa

Dario Dalla Costa / Dalla Costa Impianti
Passion helps you see what you have always loved with fresh eyes.

Mauro Monaco - Summit

Mauro Monaco

Mauro Monaco Simona Tribuiani / Olio Monaco
Passion creates roads you never would have thought to travel.

Mike Van den Berg - Raving

Mike Van den Berg

Mike Van den Berg / Van Vliet
Passion is doing something good around you.

Mariano Bassan, Stefano Scarin - Brave

Mariano Bassan, Stefano Scarin

Mariano Bassan, Stefano Scarin
Passion is growing together, overcoming challenges that seemed insurmountable.

Philippe Bégué - Glider

Philippe Bégué

Philippe Bégué / Bégué Philippe Bégué Bois
Passion grows stronger and more enduring when it is shared.

Gyovanny Tymys - Agility

Gyovanny Tymys

Gyovanny Tymys / RMT Expo
It takes passion to make beauty. One step at at time.

Marco, Andrea, Lele, Roberto - Digger

Marco, Andrea, Lele, Roberto

Marco, Andrea, Lele, Roberto / Fondazione Berengo
Passion brings together work, technique and history. Shaping art without time.