Mariano Bassan
Stefano Scarin


Passion is growing together, overcoming challenges that seemed insurmountable.

When we started working here, Berto’s was a small local company, specialised in assembling grills and toasters.

It is strange to think how much things have changed since then. First we started to make our products internally. Then we started to work steel in-house. And finally we broadened our scope to the entire range of equipment for professional kitchens. The challenges grew, our geographical reach widened alongside our experience. To the point when the natural next step was to face the greatest challenge of all: creating fitted kitchens, unique, perfect pieces with no margin for error. Hand-made custom-built pieces, from start to finish, fit to furnish the realm of haute cuisine artists throughout the world.
Products born from a need for perfection, and go beyond it, becoming personalised tools at the service of excellence. This is our story, both gradual and unstoppable, because it was decided by our ambition: step by step, pursuing one goal after another. From technical experts we have become a team that turns dreams into reality, in one of the most important international companies in the sector of professional kitchens. How did we get here? With faith.
It’s simple: you believe in the company, and the company believes in you. We face challenges together, and overcome them together. Creativity, solidity, passion for work and attention for detail: combine them all and the result is something which is important.

Anna Maschio - Lady D

Anna Maschio

Anna Maschio / Distilleria Bonaventura Maschio
Passion is passed down through the generations. And everybody experiences it in their own way.

Martin Heuberger - Cyclon

Martin Heuberger

Martin Heuberger / Pool4Art
Passion means turning problems into opportunities, until we reach excellence.

Dario Dalla Costa - Jumper

Dario Dalla Costa

Dario Dalla Costa / Dalla Costa Impianti
Passion helps you see what you have always loved with fresh eyes.

Mauro Monaco - Summit

Mauro Monaco

Mauro Monaco Simona Tribuiani / Olio Monaco
Passion creates roads you never would have thought to travel.

Mike Van den Berg - Raving

Mike Van den Berg

Mike Van den Berg / Van Vliet
Passion is doing something good around you.

Mariano Bassan, Stefano Scarin - Brave

Mariano Bassan, Stefano Scarin

Mariano Bassan, Stefano Scarin
Passion is growing together, overcoming challenges that seemed insurmountable.

Philippe Bégué - Glider

Philippe Bégué

Philippe Bégué / Bégué Philippe Bégué Bois
Passion grows stronger and more enduring when it is shared.

Gyovanny Tymys - Agility

Gyovanny Tymys

Gyovanny Tymys / RMT Expo
It takes passion to make beauty. One step at at time.

Marco, Andrea, Lele, Roberto - Digger

Marco, Andrea, Lele, Roberto

Marco, Andrea, Lele, Roberto / Fondazione Berengo
Passion brings together work, technique and history. Shaping art without time.