The uniqueness of a journey which travels from the surface to the heart.



Randy Feys

Aiming straight for the heart, the essential, working on the surface. For me, the art of milling is one large metaphor: to add by taking away. Working the untreated, removing the superfluous until you obtain the shape you conceived, the right sensation both tactile and visual.

When the job is done, there is a lot less material: wood, plastic, aluminium. Discarded waste piled up on the floor and in the corners of the workshops. And yet there is also something more. A new product which completes a specific part of the design.

How does this all start?
After working for a good many years for another company, I realised I wanted something different. Something special in which I could recognise myself. In 2013, all I had were two containers near my home. They were my workshop and my office. I built the first cutting machine by myself, a piece of machinery which I could not afford due to the high costs. It took me another four years before I could buy a real one.

Now my team and I work, above all, with composite wood, birch plywood, because the brand’s philosophy is part of a special production ethic to use all the wood, not just the best parts. We save material that would otherwise be discarded whilst allowing us to produce at reasonable prices.

We want to reach a target audience that can afford certain products which have been carefully designed, the result of an eco-friendly, yet accessible policy. We have eliminated plastic altogether from our packaging: just paper and even then, only the bare minimum. We deal with consumers directly, but also with companies; we sell in France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland and Italy.

In the constant search for simplicity and respect for the environment, we are not the only ones but we are unique. How much heart can there be on a surface?