Pepe Caso


Cider is fermented apple juice, moderately alcoholic, acidulous, to be consumed fresh. Drinking cider is an experience: the narrating of a story that unfolds between heroes, demigods, mythical islands, tradition, sharing.

The Asturias are the top cider producing region in Spain; 80% of national production comes from these lands. The cider of the Asturias has also become a PDO product; the production process must meet certain standards and the apples must belong to the native varieties, numbering more than 22.

But all this is not enough, stories want actions and rituals to be exactly those of tradition.

Culture and folklore are renewed in the manner of pouring and consuming cider, that is laterally tapped: the bottle must be raised for the whole extension of the arm, the jet must hit the wall of the glass, held inclined.

In this way the drink oxygenates, opening on the palate the sweet bitterness of fermentation.

You pour for as long as is strictly necessary for a sip, you drink, taking care to leave a small base to clean the edge of the glass: the culín. Because the glass passes from mouth to mouth; one glass only for every group of friends. The joy of tradition.

And finally the culín is thrown to the ground: from the land to the land. The bottom of the bottles, where the deposits collect, should be shaken and removed: another tribute to the land but also a way to clean the bottles, given that the production process does not involve filtering.

Our company has been active since 1938: we are pleased to say that we produce history because our bottles contain the Celtic culture, the breath of the Atlantic and the nectar of the fruit of the gods.

A sip of legend that, thanks to us, is shared.