The uniqueness of chemistry serving creativity and human relationships.



Dueville (VI)
Marco e Mita Boeche
Biemme Galvano

For us, chemistry is the key to imagination, but it is also an act of love. It is a unique combination both at work and in our lives because we are a family that has become a company and a company that continues to be a family.

Galvanisation, cataphoresis and spray painting are techniques born from technological and professaional discipline. Treatments which represent precision, control and innovation.

Accessories for bags, clothing, shoes and costume jewellery are embodied in creativity, design and style.

We study material in all its beauty, defying conventions with coatings and decorations aimed at producing art. Our company stems from the idea of a father who started out on his own. A solitary job that has become a communal task.

His enthusiasm was contagious. We found ourselves bound together like chemical elements around a business venture that made us even closer as a family. The chemistry of elements and the chemistry of relationships. Now, we are a company that can compete in an international market. But we never lose sight of our family-based format.

On the contrary, we nurture it especially in the approach we take towards our customers. We want them to feel at home, cared for and listened to. But we also want to accompany them on a quest to find new and unexpected trends and ever more elegant, yet out-of-the-ordinary details.

Imagination taps into classical and modern ideas. The only limit is the continuous control over production processes: beauty deserves to be hard-wearing and long-lasting. To this end, we have invested in professionalism, in the ability to listen to our customers, offering different perspectives and innovative solutions. 
After all, this too is chemistry: the combination of our technology and creativity on the one hand and the requirements of our customers on the other.

The discipline of our work which is inextricably bound to respect for the area in which we work: minimum environmental impact, maximum aesthetic impact. 

Chemistry is beauty, our family is the world. Feeling at home to feel good anywhere, reflected in our accessories and in the eyes of those who admire them.

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