The uniqueness of a coloured digital fingerprint.



Marco Coccettini
Doctors Brush

My name is Marco Coccettini, I live in Rome and I am a motorbike spray painter. To become one, I had to learn many things, but not from books. Books would have turned me into an engineer, so I abandoned them twenty-two years ago when I chose to pursue an art that is an ongoing experiment. I have loved drawing ever since I was at primary school. Then, when I left university, I switched to drawing on model motorbikes with felt pens. After that, I turned to spray painting in search of the perfect technique. This opened up a whole world of opportunities for me. I went from being a graphic illustrator to hyperrealism and from there to custom painting on real motorbikes.

I now work on Ducatis, Hondas and, especially on Harley Davidsons. The aim is to transform them into unique pieces.

I start work at 7 am without knowing when I will finish. I love the feeling I get when I see people rev their bikes and speed off on something which is theirs and theirs alone, on something that I created: a coloured digital fingerprint.

It is not just a question of art and technique. It is also about psychology. I usually start with the topics that my customers suggest. They give me a free rein and they trust my abilities. Sometimes, even when I have been given precise instructions, I try to get into the customer’s mindset, his way of experiencing his motorbike. The drawings and the artwork are the result of a harmonious accord. After the first meeting, the customers call me constantly and pester me for photos, but I never give in. It is always nice to leave a veil of mystery that hangs in the air until the handover. After all, the real reward is the look they give me when I exceed their expectations.

I do not care about the money. I prefer the look on the customer’s face. When he smiles, I feel amazing. And I smile too, with a whole array of paint splattered all over my clothes. Am I dirty? No, I am colourful and happy.