The uniqueness of the rhythms of the land to enjoy with a special partner.




Jérémy Bairon
Domaine Chevrot et Fils
I work in the Chevrot vineyard in Cheilly-lès-Maranges in Burgundy, midway between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean.

My work is also midway between two passions; one for vines and the other for horses. Perhaps it would be more correct to say that my work brings the two together: I work the land using a wonderful horse, Corleone.

Many years ago, during a long trip to New Zealand, I learned about exploring new places on horseback. I was bowled over by it, so much so that when I returned to France, I went on a specific training course and dedicated myself to equestrian tourism.

Every return makes sense if it enhances you. I had returned to my places, the bitter-sweet smell of the vines, the colours of a unique land and all these sensations came to me unfiltered. I had decided to use a horse to work on a vignard.
On horseback, your perception of the countryside is different. You can work areas that are difficult for a tractor and at the same time, you realise that the land should not be overworked, but left to live.

I have learned to respect the land and follow its production cycles and natural limits. With machines, you can alter time frames and productivity, establishing rigid programmes and goals, but not with a horse.

A horse is a living creature, with its own limitations, character and days when it has lots of energy and days when it does not. You have to learn to listen to it, understand its behaviour. You have to train it day by day because the relationship with living creatures is a path filled with rules and unexpected events. A horse has resources and I must be flexible and respect it. And the horse must respect me.

We work together; the rules of hierarchy must not overlap. This too is harmony because a good wine stems from respect for the land, the vines and the living creatures that work there.

Midway between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, I observe and experience the seasons from the back of a horse. The sky changes and the light changes as Corleone and I follow this unique dance which ends with wine in glasses all over the world.