The uniqueness of creation fused with imagination.



Han Sprenger and Victor Aceitòn
Skulpurengiesserei Knaak

A foundry at the service of art. Models, moulds, sculptures: a process dictated by creative needs in a continuous exchange of advice, suggestions and experience. This is how we work bronze, aluminium and silver, creating shapes that just a short while ago only existed in the world of ideas and intuition.

It is also my way of fully grasping the power of a birth. Every sculpture is a unique journey, a series of sensations which you cannot do without.

Standing alongside someone who creates, experiencing with him the emotion of an idea that acquires shape, colour and volume, working with artists and galleries: acting as the ring that binds beauty and matter.

As an architect, I experienced the intoxicating phase of ideas and projects, but also the frustration of seeing other people bring them to life. At a certain point in my existence, I felt the urge to do something different. I wanted to be there at the end of the process.

The foundry was a great opportunity to follow the transformation of ideas into matter, to touch them first-hand and deliver something concrete and finished.

A foundry is something old-fashioned, but we decided to blend tradition and the future. An artist can come to us with simple sketches or a 3D project. It does not matter which. We help him and suggest the right dimensions to emphasise the harmony and proportions among the shapes.

Normally speaking, we produce limited editions, from one piece to a maximum of five. We are not interested in mass production; we respect the productive criteria of art.  The transition from the idea to the silicone moulds, then leads to wax models. Production is customised in bronze, aluminium or silver. Each component has a specific fusion and dedicated cleaning process.

After assembly, the crucial moment arrives: the coating. The artists choose us because they appreciate our ability to create special shades of colour. We work with warm colours that are reminiscent of the soil and nature.  There are creative minds and artisans in my team and we work in a building that was once an electricity power station.

There is still a lot of energy in here: the vitality of ideas, materials, fire and colours. I prefer to call it art.