Tiggiano (LE)
Cristina Bleve
Tessitura Calabrese

It is difficult to say if we are more obstinate or adaptable in my family. For some, they are two opposing characteristics, but we have succeeded in combining and incorporating them into the profession that we have chosen: the art of weaving. 

It all happened quite by chance at the end of the 1960s. My father was working in Switzerland when he got engaged to my mother. She, however, had no intention of leaving Corsano, their home town.

Guess who won? My mother and her legendary stubbornness, of course.

Dad was, however, determined to build a bright future for us all. So, he and Mum found an alternative: the artisan production of fabric. Their dream was to involve the whole family, with perhaps a child graduating in economy who could manage the business.

It was quite a blow when they realised my brother hated numbers.

So, I took care of that side of things. I graduated in economy, trying to be a balancing point, someone who could build on the characteristics of our company: high craftsmanship, flexibility and creativity.

My brother followed his artistic leaning, specialising in design and his talent turned out to be crucial when we were faced with a crisis in the industry because his original ideas set the production on a path of renewal.

Other companies closed down, but we flourished thanks to his creativity.

We also grew because we were able to create bespoke pieces, exactly how our customers envisioned them. I was stubborn and insisted on this aspect. We did not need to grow in size, but rather in our ability to fulfil every request for customisation in as little time as possible.

In an increasingly difficult and competitive panorama, we nurtured our niche through absolute reliability from project to delivery. The small size of the company does not work against us in this scenario. On the contrary, it is a guarantee of passion, punctuality, flexibility and artisanal quality.

This is how stubbornness and adaptability wove a wonderful story: the history of our company, which is also the story of our family.