Lady D

A featherweight sole designed especially for women, Lady D is made of transparent polyurethane, is ultra-flat and extremely flexible.
The lozenge tread pattern at its most flexible point creates a rebound effect that makes walking easier and helps to prevent tired legs even after many hours of work. Safety has never looked so fashionable!


Inspired by the world of competitive sport, the new Cyclon sole is extremely light, flexible and has good spring. The sole follows the curves of the foot and is accentuated by the special hand-painted lateral DFR rib (DIKE FLEXIBLE RIB) that provides maximum flexibility. The tread, sculpted with geometrical interlocking blocks, offers a wide contact surface and guarantees optimal stability on all terrains. The DEC (DIKE EASY CLEAN) hand-painted ports allow mud and water to drain quickly. But looks matter too. All the soles of the Cyclon line are coloured to match the shoe upper.
Performance and elegance at the highest levels.


Inspired by sport, this extremely light sole in PU/PU with different densities guarantees the best performances. A midsole that combines dynamism and elegance, hand painted to echo the colour of the heal, fixed to the uppers, outlining the shoe’s shape with its sinuous curves.
Beautiful and highly functional, as befits a Dike shoe, at the front of the shoe the tread rises to cover the midsole, offering maximum protection from abrasion and helping the foot roll. In terms of grip, the special DSC (Dike Stability Control) inserts are designed to increase the contact area with the ground, providing excellent stability.


A shell that envelopes the foot and protects it like a dam, the new Summit
sole offers maximum protection and comfort without compromises. But beauty is important too, and the hand-painted mid-sole echoes the colour of the brand Dike and makes it appear lighter. Inspired by the outdoors, it is made with transparent PU-PU which makes it an extremely resistant yet light-weight shoe. The design of the sole was created to give you sure footing on any type of terrain and the DIRTY STOP wedges were crafted to quickly and efficiently expel liquid and mud. The height of beauty and security.


Raving Sole A tailor-made sole? Yes, that’s right, you’ve understood the unique Raving sole. The hand painted midsole echoes the colour of the upper and the light tread is designed with a special technology which makes it transparent. The result is an extremely light and elegant sole. But beauty isn’t enough. Created in PU-PU it guarantees an exceptional stabilising effect and ensures complete grip in every situation thanks to the special DIKE_SUCTION inserts strategically placed in different weight bearing points. The unique tread design is characterised by large self-cleaning treads. Exclusivity & security, a perfect marriage.


Ultra-flat and extremely light. Squares formed of groups of rhombuses on the tread are positioned at the point of greatest flexibility; this allows for a return energy which assists walking. The stability and grip are guaranteed by special FirmSystem holes which are strategically placed
within the squares, these activate a wind effect which guarantees maximum adherence under any conditions. Structure with conical protuberances, self-cleaning. Lightness and technology for total comfort.


Is the highly adherent sole made in PU-PU. The ample contact surface and the special design of its microgeometric Powergrip® tread guarantee uncompromising stability. The extreme lightness of it makes this sole extremely soft. A concept which you just would not want to take off your feet.


Extremely light and resistant. The special design of the tread with relatively small plugs guarantee a very ample contact surface, making for optimum stability and adherence.
Made of PU-PU, in a technologically advanced way, this sole puts together two key words: safety and comfort.


Highly resistant tread: it has been studied to accompany the foot in total safety on any type of surface. The special Dirty Stop® plugs which it is made up of, optimise the grip and have been studied so as to rapidly eliminate liquids and mud. Digger resists high contact temperatures of up to 300 °C. Made of PU and rubber, this sole has been designed by our research laboratories so as to offer a really all-terrain and maximum drive on any type of surface.


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Plantar Anatomical removable E.V.A

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Plantar Anatomical removable E.V.A

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20105 MM15

Plantar Anatomical removable E.V.A

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